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Accelerating brand go-to-market globally


Our mission

Our mission is to accelerate a brand's go-to-market success. We always start with sales, but we know that sales can’t happen if there isn’t strong demand generation and brand engagement from your target consumers, so, we do that too!   We create awareness for your brand, engage the right sales channel to service awareness, and create the demand to initiate the sales pull-through from the most sought-after retail partners you could hope for.  Creating a vicious circle that feeds itself and generates consistent revenue globally.

This unique approach offers both revenue & geographic growth while also building brand value, ensuring your business can always EXPAND! 

Steve Muttram, MBA | Founder 


Steve's passion for technology, sales, and marketing has driven value for organizations and their customers for over 30 years. In that time, he has successfully operated at all levels within the CE/IT channel in Europe and the United States. From owning and running a value-added distribution business, developing distribution and retail sales channels for major vendors across EMEA, Steve recently spent 6 years with olloclip, leading its sales, marketing, and operations to develop the company’s global brand presence in the most prestigious of channels.


As a fan of Apple products, Steve's initial product focus for EXPAND was finding innovative and differentiated products in this fast-growing market segment. In 2010, Steve secured his first contracts with a number of emerging brands. Partnering with olloclip in June 2011 the company embarked on a journey that would consume it for the next 6 years, setting out to develop whole new category in retail (Mobile Photography), and be the leading vendor within it.


With extensive experience and reach into consumer electronics sales channels in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, EXPAND is assisting the next wave of innovative brands to establish themselves within one or all of these geographies.


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Lena Galasko, BA | 

Brand Development Manager

Originally from Latvia, Lena has resided in California for 17 years. During this time, she has earnt a bachelor’s degree from CSUF, BA in Int’l Business, and worked for a number of leading technology brands, where she has developed a passion for technology, innovation, and photography. Having worked for two major mobile photography brands in marketing she has acquired the skills needed for both, content creation and social media development.


Lena is Brand Development Manager at EXPAND and owner of Lena Galasko Photography. Focusing on lifestyle & product photography, she has been published by industry-leading publications such as B8ta, Smartech & Miami Stilo Magazine. She has also had her photography featured on various brand websites, social media, and Amazon listings. Speaking five languages, Lena loves to combine travel and photography, and is never happier than when traveling the world and capturing content for our clients.



Founded by Stephen Chavez and Michael Fiore, Anyone Collective is a boutique brand management and creative services agency specializing in brand marketing, website development, video production and promotion, print and electronic advertising, trade show campaigns, event marketing, creative strategy, logo design, brand loyalty programs, and other brand marketing initiatives.

The company is comprised of the most talented creatives. We believe that this group is capable of producing anything, anywhere, anytime with anyone. We love what we do and are inspired every day to create something new.

We want our clients to grow and reach their dreams. If we can do the creative work that helps them reach their goals, enjoying the creative collaboration it takes to create something new while making it profitable for everyone, we have succeeded. To us, success is a by-product of following our rules and helping others obtain their dreams.


Unlimited e-commerce are a full team of specialists with 20+ years of experience in all aspects of digital marketing, e-commerce and global supply chain, with a singular focus on Amazon globally. They don’t play games with your money, every decision is data-driven and market-led.  By employing a variety of powerful analytical tools and expert practices, they develop a clear and informed view, maximizing the opportunity for a brand on all Amazon marketplaces. 


Based in London Zaboura cover both US & European markets, connecting brands with media and get them to talk to each other. They help clients communicate and tell their story, and work with media to provide trusted and relevant content. Above all, they deliver PR that’s accountable. Not just pretty words and carefully crafted language – it’s what impacts your bottom line. They deliver campaigns that create profit and accelerate growth. It’s PR as you’d like it to be.

Apex Juris, PLLC

Dedicated to providing focused and vigilant legal representation in every phase of business and product development—from hatching to maturity. To that end, their mission is to procure the broadest scope of patent, trademark, copyright, and media rights to optimally protect their clients’ innovations and creations while applying business acumen to structure entities and ventures to strategically market and distribute relevant products and services worldwide. 

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