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The world’s first smartwatch that you don't have to charge, EVER!  It's "powered by you"

Wearables and IoT are exploding across consumer and industrial markets. The problem? Power. It’s the number one reason consumers abandon wearables, and the biggest barrier to broader IoT deployment.


The PowerWatch is the world’s first smartwatch that you don't have to charge. Powered by your body heat, it has GPS, measures heart rate, calories burned, many activities and sleep all powered by advanced thermoelectric technology. It is also the only smartwatch to feature a power meter which displays how much electrical power you are generating.


After its hugely successful Indiegogo launch in 2017 and subsequent PowerWatch Series 2 campaign in 2019, the company has teamed up with EXPAND and its partners to completely re-brand, together with developing and executing the go-to-market globally.  An exciting new technology in an existing market is a perfect fit for the EXPAND team.

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Welcome to the era of Aerial Cameras!

AirSelfie is the smallest, easiest and most enjoyable hands-free way
for you to take stunning, panoramic, high definition selfie photos and videos from the air in any environment and seamlessly share your experience on social media like never before. If your smartphone could fly…


With our extensive experience developing the Smartphone Photography Catagory and following their successful Indiegogo launch, EXPAND now joins the AirSelfie team to develop new geographies and channels.

Anchor | The easy-to-use attachment solution for AirPods and AirPods Pro


Form the founder of the olloclip comes his next Apple accessory innovation, the Anchor, an easy-to-use attachment solution for AirPods and AirPods Pro. Anchor utilizes a propriety connector to attach to the Charging Case Lightning port, and holds 15x the weight of AirPods. The flagship Titanium Anchor offers a unique combination of incredible strength and lightness, making it the ideal material for the most demanding applications. It is used on space missions, race cars, medical devices, and the Apple Watch. The uniquely strong but flexible properties of titanium create an integrated spring on the one-piece carabiner. Clip it to just about anything, and enjoy!

Following the 6-year partnership successfully launching and building the olloclip business, Patrick has once again partnered with EXPAND to bring the Anchor to sales channels globally.

UVShield+ | Sanitize your mobile phone and other items in 3 mins!


The intelliARMOR UVShield+ is a simple, intuitive UV-C  sanitizer that allows for a full 360° sanitization process for your mobile phone and other small items. UVShield+ has been tested by a third party labs and has been shown to be effective against common household bacteria. With raised feet at the base of the inner tray, the UVShield+ offers 360° coverage for your device. The large inner tray space leaves enough room to properly sterilize essentials like phones, remotes, keys, glasses and much more. The two integrated high powered UV-C light sources, each set to 280nm have been identified by the CDC to be within the optimal wavelength for eradication. One simple and convenient cleaning cycle allows for a quick 3-minute sanitization process.

The partnership with EXPAND focuses on further developing key geographies and major retail customers. We are delighted to be part of the intelliARMOR team.

The ultimate AirPod accessory range

KeyBudz offers a growing range of AirPod accessories & has engaged EXPAND to develop both their domestic and international retail expansion. 

Within the range are Earbuddyz & PodSkins. Earbuddyz solve the problem of keeping AirPods in the ear, helping users whose AirPods either don’t fit too well or they need to be secured for a workout. In addition, Earbuddyz Ultra enhance the sound performance of the AirPods, making them a compelling product offering that we are now rolling out to international retail. PodSkins are a full range of AirPod case protection, in a full range of materials and colors. 

Since EarBuddyz solve the issue of  AirPods not being secure during a workout they also offer a collaboration with Vi Trainer (the AI based personal trainer app). We have included a free 30 day subscription to the Vi app in every KeyBudz product box as a key differentiator in this market. 



The world's fastest most innovative rapid chiller 

Matrix Industries, Inc, the Silicon Valley based leader in thermoelectric technology (also core to the PowerWatch), have launched the world's fastest and innovative rapid chiller. Matrix set out to create a product that would quickly and conveniently chill both white and champagne to sommelier-recommended temperatures.
How many times have you had a guest bring over a bottle of wine without having a convenient way to quickly chill it? Matrix knew they could solve this problem. As a result, Matrix built the latest technology in thermoelectric cooling into Juno to rapidly chill a full-sized bottle of white wine to 50°F/10°C in 3 minutes, and a can of beer in less than a minute. They discovered along the way was that Juno could do much more than chill wine. It can turn freshly brewed hot coffee cold, transform hot tea into iced tea, and cool your favorite beer or soda, right in the can, all in a matter of minutes.

Now launched via Indiegogo (expected shipping late Q3 2020), Juno is well on its way to becoming the next "must-have" kitchen appliance. Once again, the EXPAND team has been engaged to bring this product to life, from the brand identity, positioning, messaging and developing the go-to-market. This time, we can cool our favorite drink along the way.

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Innovation in "outdoor" protection for your smartphone 

Protection using "Rocket Science", the PHOOZY is a thermal capsule that protects your phone from the damaging effects of the sun and crazy temperatures.  Adapted from spacesuit technology developed to protect astronauts in the harsh environments of space, PHOOZY is the world's first thermal capsule that shields your phone from the sun, extreme heat and freezing cold while also providing drop and float protection.


EXPAND has been guiding and assisting the go-to-market since the inception and launch in 2017. Now available in stores at mainstream retailers such as Best Buy and a growing number of channels globally, EXPAND is enjoying the trajectory of this innovative brand.


Whether you are headed to the beach, the slopes, boating, hunting or hiking, the PHOOZY is a must have protection for your smartphone.

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