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The driving force for brands, developing channels globally.


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A technology powered consumer brand company

eBrands is a Nordic-based brand house that uses technology to power its acquisitions and growth.

The vision is to create a home for brands that make the world feel better, through products that have a meaningful impact on the physical, mental, and environmental well-being of a billion people. 

EXPAND is delighted to be developing and leading the go-to-market, establishing its flagship brands within major retail channels in both North America and key regions globally. 


The world’s most advanced "connected" muscle scanner

Pact is designed to help people personalize their muscle recovery and effectively treat whatever problems arise, all from home without a personal trainer, physical therapist or masseuse. Muscle readiness is a objective indication of the state of your muscles. A higher Muscle Readiness Index indicates that your muscles are properly prepared to engage in athletic activity, or adequately cooled down after your exercise. A low Muscle Readiness Index indicates that you are not ready to perform at your peak, and you may be more susceptible to injury or soreness. 


The Pact system uses the data collected from the unique Pact Sense, as well as your demographic information to calculate your Muscle Readiness Index. Unlike a trainer or physical therapist, Pact provides objective data that can be used to track your progress over time.


The EXPAND team has been engaged to lead the go-to-market globally.  We could not be more excited to bring this amazing recovery technology to consumers via premium sales channels around the world. 

 Get insanely creative...


Recently there has been a drastic shift in how people create and consume information. Hangouts, vlogging, classes and work have all gone remote. Consumers spend more time on social media and have more passion for unique and creative ways to communicate with each other. Meet Pivo from 3i Inc, an interactive "pod" that works with your smartphone, providing users with AI powered motion tracking to capture video content. It is able to rotate your smartphone 360 degrees. Combined with the AI-powered motion tracking Pivo has for over 100 different use cases. Influencers, educators, athletes, entrepreneurs and creatives can now make pro-like content, videos, and presentations on their own with just a genius little pod and their iPhones.

EXPAND have successfully developed and executed a very focused go-to-market channel expansion strategy, to compliment 3i, Inc's direct to consumer approach. We are looking forward to continuing to build on this channel expansion in the coming year. 


Insanely Waterproof Bluetooth® Speakers

Speaqua is a lifestyle audio brand from San Diego, California. Inspired by worldly travel and crafted by surfers, Speaqua products are driven by the creativity and potential of the human imagination - valuing the ability and possibility to endure your active lifestyle. 


EXPAND has been engaged to develop and execute Speaqua's international go-to-market. While audio is a very competitive category, Speaqua products are unique. 100% waterproof, they have been developed by those that truly appreciate that you should be able to bring your music anywhere life’s adventure takes you, with or without your phone...wherever you go.

Anchor | The easy-to-use attachment solution for AirPods and AirPods Pro


Form the founder of the olloclip comes his next Apple accessory innovation, the Anchor, an easy-to-use attachment solution for AirPods and AirPods Pro. Anchor utilizes a propriety connector to attach to the Charging Case Lightning port, and holds 15x the weight of AirPods. The flagship Titanium Anchor offers a unique combination of incredible strength and lightness, making it the ideal material for the most demanding applications. It is used on space missions, race cars, medical devices, and the Apple Watch. The uniquely strong but flexible properties of titanium create an integrated spring on the one-piece carabiner. Clip it to just about anything, and enjoy!

Following the 6-year partnership successfully launching and building the olloclip business, Patrick has once again partnered with EXPAND to bring the Anchor to sales channels globally.

The ultimate AirPod & AirTag accessory range

KeyBudz Logo

KeyBudz offers a growing range of AirPod accessories & has engaged EXPAND to develop both their domestic and international retail expansion. 

Within the range are Earbuddyz ear hooks, Elevate, Artisan and Hybrid Airpod Cases for both AirPod's and AirPod Pro and AirCare, and essential cleaning kit designed specifically for AirPods. Earbuddyz solve the problem of keeping AirPods in the ear, helping users whose AirPods either don’t fit too well or they need to be secured for a workout. In addition, Earbuddyz Ultra enhance the sound performance of the AirPods, making them a compelling product offering that we are now rolling out to international retail. Elevate, Artisan and Hybrid Airpod Cases are a full range of AirPod case protection, in a full range of materials and colors. 

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Innovation in "outdoor" protection for your smartphone 

Protection using "Rocket Science", the PHOOZY is a thermal capsule that protects your phone from the damaging effects of the sun and crazy temperatures.  Adapted from spacesuit technology developed to protect astronauts in the harsh environments of space, PHOOZY is the world's first thermal capsule that shields your phone from the sun, extreme heat and freezing cold while also providing drop and float protection.


EXPAND has been guiding and assisting the go-to-market since the inception and launch in 2017. Now available in stores at mainstream retailers such as REI and a growing number of channels globally, EXPAND is enjoying the trajectory of this innovative brand.


Whether you are headed to the beach, the slopes, boating, hunting or hiking, the PHOOZY is a must have protection for your smartphone.

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